Dynamite’s Most Powerful Dual AC/DC Charger to date.

The Dynamite Passport Ultra Duo represents the pinnacle of premium, high-performance chargers. The one-of-a-kind Ultra Duo is the ONLY 400W (200W x 2) charger on the market with an AC power supply. What does this mean for the consumer? Extremely fast charge times thanks to the ability to charge at higher C rates! With dual 200W output capability, the Ultra Duo can charge lower-to-medium capacity Li-Po batteries in almost half the time it takes other lower wattage/amperage chargers. In addition, the Ultra Duo resides within the Passport family of Dynamite chargers, meaning users get the full gamut of charge capabilities, including the ability to charge virtually all battery types, digital dot matrix display and easy-to-use jog dial navigation. Users also get a great looking charger as the charger will have a silver anodized faceplate and black side panels in order to give it a robust and premium look and feel.


  • Dual 200W chargers with internal 400W AC power supply means no more bulky power supplies and a much smaller overall footprint
  • Internal 450W power supply
  • 100–240 VAC (50/60Hz) or 11–18V DC input voltage
  • Multi-chemistry compatible
  • Detachable AC power cord
  • Adjustable .1–10.0A adjustable charge current per output
  • 200W charge power per output
  • 25W discharge power per output
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • Low input-voltage protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Battery storage mode
  • Multiple internal cooling fans for reliable operation at any power and any ambient
  • IP33CW, IK07 environmental rating
  • Includes (2) banana-to-EC3™ charge connectors
  • Micro and standard USB charge output compatible with iPhone® and iPod® devices

Space saving, dual output design

Compact footprint, independent dual charge outputs and built in power supply take up a minimal amount of valuable bench space.

100-240 VAC (50/60Hz) or 11-18V DC input voltage
Internal AC power supply with universal voltage compatibility as well as a wide DC input voltage range allows the charger to be operated anywhere in the world.

Detachable AC power cord
Charger is easier to transport and power cords can easily be customized for location or application.

Detachable DC power cord
Heavy duty DC power cord comes with 75A Anderson Power Pole connectors, 10 AWG color coded wires and large alligator clips compatible with most vehicle batteries.

200W charge power per output
Plenty of current and output power for simultaneous, independent, 2-3C charging of two medium or hi capacity batteries.

25W discharge power per output
Enables the user to simultaneously discharge two battery packs to safe storage levels or cycle condition batteries to improve performance and life of the pack.

Short circuit protection
Shuts off power to the charger if the battery or charger are damaged by a short circuit condition, preventing injury or property damage.

Over current protection
Shuts off power to the charger if the battery or charger are damaged and draw more than 200W from the power supply, preventing injury or property damage.

Reverse polarity protection
Shuts off power if the charger detects a reverse polarity condition on the DC input lines or the battery output lines, preventing injury or property damage.

Low input voltage protection
Shuts off power to the charger if the input voltage goes below the minimum rating, preventing injury or property damage.

Over temperature protection
Shuts off power to the charger if the temperature of the charger or battery exceeds the maximum rating, preventing injury or property damage.

Battery storage mode
Senses the condition of the battery and automatically charges it to a reduced capacity for long term storage.

Internal cooling fan
Allows the charger to operate at full rated output even in very high temperature conditions.

IP33CW, IK07 environmental rating
The charger will operate in dirty, damp conditions and is resistant to most falls and impacts.   



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